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Provo River Brown Trout
Fly Fish Food is known world-wide for fly tying and fly fishing. Through our fly tying or fly fishing videos, photos and other social media content, we reach almost two million digital screens each month and our custom-designed fly patterns are sold in shops all over the planet. In addition to our local brick and mortar fly shop, we offer specialized guiding services on local waters here in Utah.

Our philosophy in the fly fishing industry -- especially guiding -- is to work with each customer to ensure their expectations are met and to provide a stellar experience. We've found some clients prefer to take a more educational approach and we spend more time reviewing techniques, insects, fly patterns, reading water and putting it all together. Others prefer a more "get me on the water and catching fish" approach. Not to worry...we can definitely do either.

See below for the trip types (rates may vary given the trip type, but the following is a general outline of rates).

Guide Rates (Local Waters):

  • 1/2 Day, 1 Angler: $300
  • 1/2 Day, 2 Anglers: $350
  • Full Day, 1 Angler: $425
  • Full Day, 2 Anglers: $475
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Here are a few of the destinations and styles of fishing we focus on:

Provo River:

The Provo River is the perfect match for the angler who is looking for a great experience catching brown and rainbow trout within a reasonable distance of most of the hotels in the Salt Lake City or Provo areas. With plentiful fish and bugs in the river, there are many opportunities to catch fish regardless of the time of year. Our guides are on the river daily, and they know what flies to tie on, and how to present them to the fish.

Weber River:

The Weber River is loaded with willing trout that are known for taking a properly presented fly. It’s a reasonable drive from both Salt Lake City and Ogden, and can provide for a very memorable day on the water. Whether you hook into a big brown trout or a mountain whitefish, our guides will help you dial in the fly selection and presentation to make for a very memorable trip.

Quiet Waters & High Mountain Destinations:

We offer some great opportunities to fish off the beaten path for fish that don't see as much pressure as the usual candidates. These waters take a little bit more time to get to, but the experience of walking up a small stream in canyons and meadows that rival any of Utah's national parks is truly an amazing experience.

Advanced Euro Nymphing:

If you are an intermediate to advanced angler and you are interested in learning how to fish “Euro Style” we have the guides and the gear that can help you up your game. This is one of the most effective sub-surface techniques in the world, and we have plenty of great rivers that are prime suspects for it’s use.

Green River Float Trips:

Ever wanted to fish the world famous Green River? We have options, through our partner outfitters, to take you on a floating & fishing trip of a lifetime. Message us for details and specify whether you would like the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam or the section above the gorge in Wyoming.

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** Notes:

To Book a Trip: We require 50% down by credit card for all trips. The balance will be due at completion of the trip. Multiple trips are handled individually.

Cancellation Policy: We understand schedules change and so we try to be as flexible as possible. However, our guides schedule and plan well in advance for trips. So if you need to cancel, please do so within 30 days of the booked trip, where possible. There is no charge for 30 day cancellations. If you cancel your guide trip less than 30 days before your trip, we'll charge you 50% of the trip value unless the guide can re-book for that day (which is fairly common during peak season). If you cancel within 48 hours of a trip, the deposit will be refunded at 25% of the original booking price. We do this so that we can compensate our guides fairly when they've set aside time for our trips.

Gratuities: As most people know, guides work hard and tips or gratuities are greatly appreciated, where deserved. Those gratuities are not included in our guide trip prices. It's customary to offer your guide a 15 to 30% gratuity for their service or as much as you feel is warranted. If, for any reason, you're not happy with your trip, let us know and we'll work to make it right.

Please feel free to contact our shop for more information on anything.